Innovation Councils

The next Electronic Trading Innovation Council is in formation and will take place in May in NYC. Currently we are inviting heads of trading from buy and sell side firms and their internal IT partners for a spirited discussion on the future of the business/IT partnership in electronic trading.

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Additional upcoming Innovation Councils focus on cloud computing in specific financial services sectors. Below is information about the upcoming Cloud Innovation Councils. Also, you can find out more about our the recent Cloud Innovation Councils in Capital Markets, Banking, and Insurance.

Cloud Innovation Council: Banking & Investments 2012
April 18th
Midtown Manhattan

Attending the upcoming Cloud Innovation Council: Banking & Investments 2012 will be a select group (Council Members) from financial services IT organizations. Invitations will be sent ONLY to executives that are responsible for shaping their organizations’ cloud computing strategy. In addition, cloud technology and service providers (Council Sponsors) with the most innovative and substantial offerings for the industry will be invited to attend. Council Members and Sponsors will help shape how services are brought to market in the industry.

Risk Management Innovation Council: Financial Services 2012
June, 2012

This will be a meeting of risk management strategists from financial services, and will have a focus on risk in emerging cloud capabilities .

Benefits of Council Participation

  • Peer interaction – specialized discussions about shared problems faced when integrating cloud services into insurance activities, including compliance, security, and internal politics.
  • Emerging trends and technologies – consolidated forum of thought leaders and innovators
  • Content – stimulating agenda with focused sessions and actionable information
  • Relaxed, high-quality environment – mix of business, entertainment and activities to facilitate mutual understanding and meaningful relationships

What is an Innovation Council?
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