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Innovation Councils facilitates targeted executive collaborations focused on critical technology issues within vertical industries. Our “Council Members” are senior IT executives charged with the responsibility of developing their firms’ strategy for technology domains. Each Innovation Council is designed to produce the highest level of discourse possible around a specific technology-based issue for a specific industry.

What is an Innovation Council?

Electronic Trading Innovation Council featured in Wall Street & Technology

The top news story on February 7th on the Wall Street & Technology Web site was an account of the Electronic Trading Innovation Council which took place January 26 in New York. During that meeting, a cross-section of the industry as a whole -- firms of varying sizes, business executives from different asset classes, technology strategists, and infrastructure and service providers -- compared notes on disruptive trends in the industry. Read the story here.

Cloud Innovation Council: Capital Markets covered in Wall Street & Technology

Innovation Councils was launched with the inaugural Cloud Innovation Council: Capital Markets, which convened in Palm Beach and kicked off a year of intelligence gathering and information sharing among leading industry executives. Its tight technology focus (cloud computing) and industry focus (capital markets), as well as its controlled size, led to an unparalleled level of discourse.

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