What is an Innovation Council?

An Innovation Council is an annual convocation of the top strategists for a particular technology within a particular industry. The purpose is to establish a brain trust that guides the development and adoption of a technology within an industry. While disruptive technologies are inherently horizontal, meaningful adoption takes place on the heels of significant industry-specific use cases. Innovation Councils are designed to accelerate that process to the benefit of industry participants and technology providers alike. As a result, an Innovation Council is a highly selective and impactful body.
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Benefits of Council Participation

  • Peer interaction – specialized discussions about shared problems faced when integrating cloud services into banking activities, including compliance, security, and internal politics.
  • Emerging trends and technologies – consolidated forum of thought leaders and innovators
  • Content – stimulating agenda with focused sessions and actionable information
  • Relaxed, high-quality environment – mix of business, entertainment and activities to facilitate mutual understanding and meaningful relationships

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